There is a technology platform that allows you to control all of your smart devices from one app, There is a platform on a mission to provide community and support to professional female entrepreneurs in the D.C. area, and there is a boutique marketing services firm that specializes in helping new and growing brands develop.

Want your company to be featured on BizBytes?

What is BizBytes? BizBytes is a short video that features 3 companies a week. Your company will be showcased in 45-60 seconds with b-roll. This is not a detailed feature about your company. Your company will be showcased alongside 2 other companies in a "bite-size," easy to digest format.

Where will this video be seen? This will be put in both Business Rockstars and CoFoundersLab newsletters, and it will also be up in 84 of the top U.S. and international airports via ReachTV, and in 43 million TV households via BizTV. 

Can we get a copy of this to keep afterward? Yes, we will send you a Dropbox link so you can easily download and share wherever you would like afterward. 

"BizBytes was a valuable platform to attract more users and get our startup, Fanalyze exposure! The video turned out great and having coverage on was an added bonus. The team was easy to work with and it was a seamless experience."

"Working with Business Rockstars was super easy. We basically showed up, and they did all the work. We had no idea how the work was going to turn out, it turned out amazing! I work with different groups and companies, and sometimes that involves a lot i.e., explaining ideas, concepts, thought processes, etc. This was the first time I didn’t have to do all of that. I just mentioned my name and my company, and they figured out the rest. I will highly recommend them to Startups and founders."

Juan Juan

CEO & Co-Founder of Fanalyze, Inc.

Nana Wilberforce, CEO of Builddie

Want your company to be featured on BizBytes?

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